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The First Step to Home Ownership

The First Step to Home Ownership

I always tell home buyers that the first step of their home search should be to find a lender and obtain a pre-approval letter. In this article I will explain why I give them, and now you, this advice.

The number one reason to obtain a pre-approval letter is to ensure that an agent will assist you. Most experienced real estate agents require you to provide them with a copy of the letter prior to starting your home search. Your agent will need to take care to only show you homes that are within your budget restrictions. It would be doing you a great disservice to show you homes that are valued above what you can comfortably afford to purchase. Guiding a homebuyer to select the home that will work best for them, and ultimately leading them to purchasing the home, simply can’t be done without first obtaining a pre-approval letter.

Another reason to obtain your pre-approval is to allow the Realtor to fulfill their obligation to the seller. Realtors promise sellers to only show their home to qualified buyers. This ensures that when a potential buyer views the home, there is no question of their ability to make the purchase.

In addition, the pre-approval letter is for the safety of both the homebuyer and the agent. If a Realtor has your letter in their file, the brokerage has access to this same information. In the event that the Realtor fails to return from their appointment with you, the brokerage has the information to begin the search for both you and the Realtor.

Obtaining a pre-approval letter is a benefit to all parties involved in the transaction. It is a simple process and in most cases can be completed online in just a few minutes. If you are in the beginning stages of purchasing a home, I encourage you to see the advice of a lender.

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Welcome To My Site

Hello and welcome to my blog site,  First things first, let me tell you a little about myself and why have chosen to write this bolg.

I am a Realtor, obviously, hailing form the fine city of Jacksonville Florida, I am also a married mother of one. Prior to entering the Real Estate world, I was an accounting professional for 20 years. A few years ago I decided to break out of my shell and join an industry that requires a little more public interaction than accounting would allow, and I have never regretted it.

Now that I am out in the world, meeting people and developing new relationships, I have found that I want to interact with as many people as possible, so starting a blog seemed like a great place to make that happen. My hope is that you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I know I will enjoy writing it. If you have any questions, I have left my number in several places on the site, please feel free to call me, text me or reply to my posts.

Please feel free to browse this site and let me know if there is anything you’d like me to blog about.

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Melody Bennett-Smith